Write for JOP Blog

To have your work featured on the Journal of Politics Blog, an invitation from our team is required. However, if you believe your expertise deserves consideration, we encourage you to contact us via email. Furthermore, if you have previously published a research article in the Journal of Politics or have received an acceptance, we welcome you to contribute to our blog by crafting a compelling and interesting blog piece.

At the Journal of Politics, our objective is to broaden the reach of political science research and extend its impact beyond the confines of academia. In line with this vision, we kindly request that you tailor your blog post to cater to non-academic audiences. Instead of solely summarizing the findings of your published article, we encourage you to captivate readers with an easily comprehensible and engaging narrative. Our aim is to spark interest and foster a connection between your research and a broader audience.

Guidelines for authors

  1. The blogpost should not exceed 1000 words.
  2. Keep the title short and attention grabbing. We advise against using title of your article as the title of your blog piece.
  3. You can use  concise and attention-grabbing subheadings  throughout your blog piece to enhance readability. Typically, incorporating 3–5 subheadings per article is recommended to effectively break up the content and maintain reader engagement.
  4.  Keep in mind that your post is directed at the general public, therefore please explain political science or economic terms if needed.
  5.  If appropriate, including visuals such as graphs, diagrams and tables is recommended. Please send us the visuals as separate attachments in .png or .jpg format.
  6. Please use short sentences and paragraphs.
  7.  Avoid the usage of footnotes and references. A hyperlink can be added if another source is mentioned. (To add an hyperlink: Ctrl+K or Cmd+K)
Do you have further questions? E-mail us: jop-media@uni-hamburg.de